• New heating and cooling units were graciously provided by CRI Partners. Now, all we have to do is get them installed. Calling all skilled electricians and plumbers!

  • We have several cabin dorms that need updating and some remodeling. Units are at different phases of progress. Your team can join in with any phase or cabin.

  • The Barn is a critical component to the CRI Mission Base and it needs your help! Our farm operations lend themselves to base sustainability, preparedness training, and post-disaster rebuilding techniques. It is in urgent need of being reinforced and re-sided.

  • It’s time to fence the middle and lower pastures. Last year, generous donors provided and installed beautiful fencing around the barn area. We now need to fence the middle and lower pastures to protect our orchard and provide additional safe grazing areas for our farm animals. washing, cleaning gutters, as well as deep cleaning/organizing projects.

  • Our 85-acre property has many trails that lead to the National Park and Appalachian Trail. The trails need maintenance, and down trees need to be cleared and set aside for firewood.

  • This beauty needs a make-over. It is the first structure visitors see when they arrive on the camp. It needs lots of attention on its exterior, and we need to remodel the second floor to make new guest speaker accommodations.

  • The CRI farm, garden, and orchards are a critical part of our training program and achieving greater sustainability for the base. This is an ongoing effort on the base and lots of fun. Come jump in any time!

  • Choose this option if your team is open to any of the above areas or something not listed.

  • Chose this option if your group is looking for a retreat experience - encountering God through nature, relaxation, and recreation.

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